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Scam That Relies on Telecom Insiders

Scam That Relies on Telecom Insiders

This article first appears on Blomberg

In May 2021, about 100 employees of an unnamed phone company received an unsolicited text message, according to court records.

The sender, who isn’t named, had an offer: In exchange for cash, would the staffers leverage their access to the phone company’s internal systems to help them hijack customer phone numbers?

Some of employees informed higher-ups about the texts, and eventually the FBI’s Newark field office became aware. But one employee who received the messages, Corrine Little, allegedly didn’t tell her bosses. In fact, over a 13-day period, Little communicated with phone numbers associated with the scammer, known as a SIM swapper, at least 53 times, according to the Justice Department.

The phone company audited Little’s activity to find she conducted multiple authorized SIM swaps, a process where a phone number is transferred to a new phone without the owner’s knowledge or consent, according to court records. In an interview with the FBI, Little denied performing the SIM swaps, but said she received multiple $600 payments from the unknown texter via CashApp, records show.

Cloud Migration: Main Benefits, Strategies, and Process Stages

When a legacy data storing and processing system is no longer up to the task, restricting the use of new technology and hindering business productivity, timely system modernization is the most proper measure. As a result, you will be able to adopt more business-boosting features and tools, store and process data in line with the best market practices, as well as efficiently scale according to the expanding capacities of your company or framework.

And migrating to the cloud computing environment may just be your best bet, offering flexible data storing capacities, advanced security, and significant cost savings when compared to traditional proprietary data management solutions. Ultimately, migrating to a reliable cloud-based system hosting, you don’t have to cover all the software implementation, support, and maintenance costs, paying only for on-demand services.

What is cloud migration?

An introduction to moving to the cloud.

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.

There are various types of cloud migrations an enterprise can perform. One common model is to transfer data and applications from a local on-premises data center to the public cloud. However, a cloud migration could also entail moving data and applications from one cloud platform or provider to another; this model is known as cloud-to-cloud migration. The third type of migration is reverse cloud migration, cloud repatriation or cloud exit, where data or applications are moved off of the cloud and back to a local data center.

Cloud Migration Checklist

Most businesses are migrated or are in the process of migrating, critical workloads to cloud infrastructure. The competitive advantage cloud platforms give businesses makes this move an easy choice for organizations. Employees on the front lines tasked with managing these workloads know making the choice to move to the cloud is easier than performing the actual migration. Fortunately, PMsquare is here to help! Below is a high-level checklist to keep in mind when beginning your cloud migration. This list will help frame your thinking when planning to move on-premises applications to a cloud provider like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

The mobile money industry processed more than $1 trillion in 2021

Mobile money hit a new milestone last year as the value of transactions processed globally surpassed $1 trillion for the first time, according to a report released this week by the GSM Association, which tracks data in the mobile telecommunications industry.

A rise in merchant payments, international remittances, and governmental humanitarian assistance are some of the factors that led to the 31% growth in transaction value over 2020.

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Who should police the web?

Reluctant regulators Who should police the web?

Politicians should not offload the responsibility onto others?

SHOULD VIDEO websites have to review content before they publish it? Where does the boundary lie between hate speech and incitement to violence? Is pornography created by artificial intelligence an invasion of privacy? These are all hard questions, but behind them lies an even more difficult one: who should provide the answers?

On the internet, such dilemmas are increasingly being resolved by private firms. Social networks are deciding what kinds of misinformation to ban. Web-hosting companies are taking down sites they deem harmful. Now financial firms are more actively restricting what people can buy (see Finance section).

What is Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

A definition of DDD as a software design discipline

Domain-Driven Design is a software design discipline centred on the principles that:

  • Software for a complex domain requires all designers (engineers, testers, analysts, …) to have a deep, shared understanding of the domain, guided by domain experts
  • That understanding is rooted in language: the domain language should be formalised into a Ubiquitous Language (shared, agreed upon, unambiguous)
  • The understanding is expressed in a model, shared between experts and designers, which express the problem space (as opposed to the solution space)
  • The model must not shy away from explicitly expressing the essential complexity of the domain
  • A complex domain can not be efficiently expressed as a single universal model and language, and must therefore be separated into Bounded Contexts (ie. an internally consistent language and model) by the system designers
  • The model and language should be in sync with our understanding of, and changes in the domain, through continuous refactoring towards deeper insight

As a mnemonic:

Ethiopia’s Digital Payment Gateway

Ethiopia’s Digital Payment Gateway

The first-ever three years National Digital Payments Strategy (NDPS) of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) hints that it would apply incentives and discouraging instruments like tax incentives and cash handling fees to attain the goal of the NDPS.

The strategy that officially launched on July 15 and will face implementation till 2024 quoted Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s message that there are efforts within and beyond the Ethiopian payment ecosystem that have laid the foundations for digital payments in Ethiopia, “however, challenges still remain and a strategic effort to address these is needed; a NDPS.”

I trust that NDPS will assist Ethiopia in meeting the challenges that currently lie ahead as we transform the payment ecosystem to move toward a cash-lite and more financially inclusive economy,” Abiy said in his message on the new strategy

Why Social Is Not a Substitute for a Website

Social media creates visibility, but a professional website builds relationships—and sales.

If you’re using social media to demonstrate expertise and encourage an audience to engage with your business, you’re off to a great start. Now, try complementing this effort with a website, so you can solidify relationships and make conversions happen.

Used together, social media and a website create a powerful web presence. Social media attracts your audience, and a professional website provides you with the space to demonstrate what your brand has to offer, deepen engagement, and reach your marketing goals.

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Faith in government declines when mobile internet arrives

A new study finds that incumbent parties lose votes after their citizens get online

THE EARLY days of the internet were full of predictions about access to information unleashing a wave of democratisation. More recently, views on the internet’s impact have soured, as states use it to spy on dissidents and influence foreign elections.

Opinions on this topic are abundant, but hard data are scarce. No one knows whether the Arab spring could have occurred without the internet, or whether Russia’s online efforts to boost President Donald Trump’s campaign had any effect. Nonetheless, scholars can sometimes find natural experiments to substitute for such counter-factual scenarios. A recently revised study by the economists Sergei Guriev, Nikita Melnikov and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, which is now undergoing peer review, uses the growth of mobile broadband to reveal a link between internet access and scepticism of government.

Google Maps makes it easier to share your location with Plus Codes — no address required

When you need to give someone your location, you usually point them to an address. Here in Addis, you often point them to an intersection instead. But sometimes an address is just difficult to find — or you don’t have one at all.

For those purposes, Google introduced Plus codes five years ago, allowing you to share your location in a short alphanumerical format, whether you simply can’t find an address or are in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem they were actually used all that much, so now Google is making it easier to share the Plus codes than ever.

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